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Murder Mystery Games

Murder Mystery Games

If you’re looking for a satisfying sleuthing adventure with a bit of adrenaline and grit, here are the best games out there.

The term "murder mystery" is a broad one.

It refers to any kind of story where a victim, or victims, are discovering murders after being targeted for murder by a cunning detective.

You'll find so many variations on the theme but they all share this common thread: they're suspenseful and interesting to read.


These murder mysteries are waiting to be solved by you. Be the detective in these thrilling games and see if you can catch the culprit.

Crack open your cases and start using your wits to unmask a murderer!

These adventures are creating using well-timed dialogue and clever plot twists that'll leave you gawking when it's over.

The mystery genre is loading with excitement, so play detective with this set of 25 games.

Each will feature a different crime scene and a secret to uncover.

Want to solve a mystery?

These games will provide you with the tools you need to solve one.

From the classic whodunnit to more recent ones, these games range in difficulty from "frustrating" at best to "I really need an hour away from my computer" at worst.

However, don't let the terminology make you think that it's a game for very young children; most of them have mature themes and situations which makes them just right for adults who are big fans of trying new things.


You think you know everything, but when it comes to crime solving there's always something new to learn.

Never mind that your job as a detective is to find who, not why.

A well crafted murder mystery is one of the most satisfying types of reading.

In fact, it can be downright thrilling. And even better when you're solving it on your own.

Investigate crime with your own solving of the mysterious murder.

Analyse the clues from the crime scene, interrogate suspects and look for possible suspects.

Take control of the investigation by bringing suspects to court,

examining evidence to reveal their guilt or innocence, making arrests and pushing for convictions

You will have fun playing this detective game!

Need help solving a crime?

There are few things as satisfying in a work of fiction to a seasoned detective than a well constructing murder mystery.

While it's certainly fun reading or watching a brilliant gumshoe crack a difficult case, it's much more enjoyable doing it yourself.

Whether you're a diehard fan of forensic mysteries or a beginner who prefers solving crimes on your own, these mystery games will help you hone your sleuthing skills.

Most importantly, you can learn more about the inner workings of a police department,

meet some new friends in this large cast of characters (some are not-so-friendly),

solve a few cases and then head over to the other detective games list where..

They will likely be solving by someone else while you play one of these wonderful murder mysteries!

Get ready to solve the crime of the century!

Detective games are a great way to meet new friends and have a great time filling out your suspect profile with clues from the crime scene.

Let's start with a terrific mystery game, because it's always good to start on a high note...

In a mysterious world, there is only one detective who can solve the crime. Join us in this super cool game where you take on the role of solving mysteries.

Hunt down your unknown murderer and save the world from evil!


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